Watch: Metz player Kamara scores a legendary goal from midfield against Monaco in the French League a short while ago

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In the match that brought together Monaco and Metz for the French League, which ended with Monaco winning by two goals to one.
The Metz club goal was the first goal to be banned from being shown on television, because it was placed in the Louvre Museum in Paris. This is the most beautiful goal of the 21st century from the French Metz player.
Watch: Senegalese player Lamine Kamara loses his mind and scores one of the farthest goals in football history from a distance of about 70 meters from the goal.
The crazy Senegalese noticed the Monaco goalkeeper ahead of his goal, so he sent a cross-continental and ocean-going shot from the middle of the field, announcing a historic goal.
What is strange and wondrous is the speed of the shot ball in a way that shocked the whole world, as if it was shot from a

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