Watch Messi almost score the best goal in the history of the American League from a corner kick, but see the wonder that happened

In the match between Inter Miami and its host Charlotte in the American League East, the legend Messi scored a legendary goal with Inter Miami a little while ago, but the referee had another opinion and decided not to count it.
Despite the cancellation of the goal, the strange and crazy thing that happened to Messi in the American League a short while ago, Messi stands on the execution of a corner kick for Inter Miami, and everyone is waiting for what he will do?
Messi noticed the goalkeeper ahead of his goal, so he decided to shock everyone by deceptively executing the corner kick in a direct way that no one expected, but the goalkeeper miraculously saved it from the line. If it were not for the goalkeeper’s luck in this save, we would have seen it.
One of the most beautiful goals in the American League in history, from a corner kick from Messi’s feet.

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