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Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez defended his president, Joan Laporta, after he was officially accused in the Negrera case, noting that Madrid newspapers and people in power sought to discredit Laporta.
Joan Laporta was officially charged in the famous Negrera case regarding paying bribes to the former head of the referees committee.
Joan Laporta came out to defend himself, pointing out that there are Madrid officials in power who want to overthrow Barcelona and prevent it from returning to control locally and continentally, as happened previously during Barcelona’s golden era.
Yesterday, Laporta launched a major attack on Real Madrid and its president, Florentino Perez, stressing that everyone fears that Barcelona will return to its previous era.
Xavi spoke in his press conference before Barcelona’s match on Sunday evening against Athletic Bilbao and launched a major attack on Real Madrid, saying, “Laporta? He is positive, calm and does not feel any pressure. He is brave and speaks clearly. He is the president and leader of the project, I am with him.” He added, “The accusation has something to do with the Madrid community. They are definitely the ones who want to bring down Barcelona.”
He continued, “I don’t know if Real Madrid has understood our success. It’s a question for them, not me.” “I completely agree with the president, 100%.”
He continued, “These are cases of destabilization and destabilization of the Catalan club.” There is a lot of talk about things not related to the sport, while I was a player there was talk about doping and so on. Madrid newspapers were inventing these things.” He continued, “We do not talk about anything outside football, but we definitely support our president.”

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