Barcelona blocks the road and spoils the dreams of the Saudi League clubs and is close to renewing the contract of the first team star

Barcelona, like other clubs, seeks to fortify and strengthen its ranks and renew the contracts of its stars, fearing the ambitions of Saudi clubs to include its players, especially the economic crisis that the team is suffering from. Therefore, Barcelona fears that Saudi clubs will exploit this crisis to sign its most important players.
Spanish press reports spoke of Barcelona’s efforts to protect its star and the team’s star from the Saudi temptations targeting him in the upcoming summer transfers.
The Spanish newspaper Sport confirmed that the Barcelona star will receive the highest salary in his contract with Barcelona during the next season, and the Catalan club wants to renew his contract for an additional season.
The Spanish newspaper reported that Barcelona officials believe that his physical and technical condition allows him to continue at the head of the Barcelona project, and next summer they will offer him a renewal until 2027.
The Spanish newspaper hinted that Polish Barcelona star Robert Lewandowski is happy in Barcelona and made a great effort to join the Camp Nou castle coming from Bayern Munich, and the player and his family really fit into the atmosphere in Barcelona. He stopped attending Bayern training and entered into conflicts and problems with the Bavarian club management for his love of playing. With the Catalan team.
The Spanish newspaper explained that the final decision will be in the hands of Lewandowski, especially in light of the fact that he has received tempting offers with ridiculous sums that cannot be rejected from the Saudi League.
The Spanish newspaper indicated that Lewandowski has a contract with Barcelona that extends until the summer of 2026.
The player previously stated that he is happy in Barcelona and does not want to leave the Catalan team, and he dreams of winning the prestigious European Champions League title with the Barcelona team.

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