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In light of the current economic crisis in Barcelona, a magic solution appeared for Barcelona officials by recruiting the best players in the Saudi Roshen League on loan.
Press reports revealed today that Barcelona is seeking to monitor the players of the Saudi Roshen Professional League who shine with the teams in it, especially with the presence of many stars within this league.
The Saudi Roshan Professional League clubs have signed more than one player who was active in European leagues and had a big name, and the league there has become followed by the whole world due to its high quality at the present time.
The Saudi League has an arsenal of stars, including players who have not adapted to the atmosphere there, and Barcelona is seeking to exploit this to attract some stars to the Catalan team.
Among the players that Barcelona is seeking to sign from the Roshen League is the Brazilian player Andres Talisca, the Al-Nasr player, who is Barcelona’s top priority, and according to the Spanish newspaper Sport, Barcelona is monitoring distinguished players in the Saudi Roshen Professional League and is seeking to exploit the opportunity to sign distinguished players from this league in the upcoming winter transfer period.
The report issued by the newspaper added: There are players who did not perform well in the Saudi Roshen League, but they are basically distinguished players and have talent. Some players do not perform to their full potential due to the lack of strength in the competitions there, unlike the atmosphere and European competitions, which is what Barcelona seeks to exploit and contract with them during the transfer period. Next winter, because these teams will get rid of the players who did not gain the trust of the technical director of the team in which they play.
He concluded: Barça officials believe that the Saudi League will produce some players who can sign them on loan, with their team bearing their salary, given the financial circumstances the club is going through, and thus take advantage of its good relationship with the Saudi Roshen League clubs. In addition to Talisca, there is the Portuguese star Ruben Neves and Sadio Mane, the Al-Nasr player. The Catalan team’s radar is to borrow them in the winter and return them again to their clubs after the end of the season.

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