Watch the skills of Matteo, son of the legend Messi, who will go to La Masia in Barcelona in the same way as his father

It seems that Argentine legend Lionel Messi will never stop mentioning his name on the field after he entertained and dazzled us for years and years with his skills and legendary performance with Barcelona.
The time has come for his successor, Matteo, to take over the baton from him and complete his father’s career on the field. It seems that we are in for a new date of fun and that the name Lionel Messi will never leave the field.
Lionel Messi saw talent in his child, Matteo, from a young age, which prompted him to develop him and pay attention to him so that he could become his successor in European and international stadiums.
Matteo Messi had trained at the training headquarters of the Inter Miami team in America under the supervision of his father and performed some legendary and imaginative skills.
Messi did not hesitate to disclose to the press that he had received offers from the Inter and Arsenal academies for his child, Mateo, but he decided to enroll him in the Miami Academy and also stated that he would enroll him in Barcelona’s Lamcia Academy upon his return to Spain after the end of his career.
Messi believes that Mateo reminds him of him when he was a child, in terms of skill, intelligence, and quick decision-making on the field.

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