Watch the video: Morata’s strange behavior could have prevented Spain from participating in the Euro

In the match that brought together the Spanish national team and its Norwegian counterpart in the Euro 2024 qualifiers, which ended with the Spanish national team winning 1-0, the goal was scored by the young Barcelona star, Javi.
The Spanish Federation may demand that Morata be expelled from the national team after this strange and bizarre incident in the Euro qualifiers.
Carvajal played a legendary assist that hit the entire Norwegian defense line, and in a strange way, the Norwegian defender directed the ball to his team’s goal, and the ball was on its way to the net.
At this moment, Morata decided to shock millions with a strange behavior while the ball was on the Norwegian team’s goal line.
This shot from Morata could have caused Spain not to participate in Euro 2024 if Norway won the match, but fortunately, Spain won and secured its place in the next Euro finals.

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