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In the deal struggle between rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona, reliable journalist Gerard Romero revealed a huge surprise.
He apparently confirmed that Deco, the sporting director, had begun to finalize several deals before the summer, including the first deal that would be a contract with the jewel of La Liga, which Barcelona and Real Madrid desperately want.
The player’s contract expires this summer, meaning he will come for free, and this is the best solution for Barcelona in light of the difficult financial situation. The competition is now between Real Madrid and Barcelona to include the player, but Barcelona has the advantage for several reasons. The player is crazy about the idea of joining Barcelona, and the reasons are many:
His friendship with Balde, Javi and Lamin, as in the Spanish camp they are never separated, and in Spain Balde is a Barcelona player and this player sleeps in the same room. Therefore, Barcelona is close to finalizing the contract with Atletico Bilbao star Neco Williams. One of the reasons for choosing the player and preferring Barcelona over Real Madrid is that The player’s agent is Portuguese, i.e. the same nationality as Deco, and has a wonderful relationship with him, which will make everything easier.
The third reason is Inigo Martinez, the Bilbao player who joined this season, will be the key to this deal, as Neco Williams considers him like his older brother and will help the management by directing the player to join Barcelona.
The fourth reason: Barcelona is the player’s dream, as Javi, Lamine, and Baldi always talk to him about Barcelona and the city, and the player is crazy to play for Barca.
Neco Williams will join Barcelona next summer. The player is a free player and plays on the left and right sides. The player is incredibly fast, as he was recorded as the highest speed player last season, and Vinicius came behind him.
Everything indicates that he will be the next signing, according to Sport and Gerard Romero, a great winger waiting for Barcelona next season.

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