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The Brazilian star Coutinho, who played for Barcelona in the middle of the 2018 season, spoke about the atmosphere in Barcelona.
The player said that he had hoped to be better than he was at the club for which he had always dreamed of playing for his shirt, but he was not lucky enough to perform at the required level. The player played 111 matches with Barcelona and contributed to 28 goals and 15 assists.
But he did not perform at the level expected of him, as he was performing at a brilliant level with Liverpool, but when he came to Barcelona, the fans did not see some of his level with Liverpool, but rather he was a ghost of the player who was in Liverpool.
Philippe Coutinho talked about the most unforgettable situation in his life:
The fans were whistling at me whenever I touched because of my poor performance, but Leo made a sign to the fans and told them not to whistle at me, and after that he did not whistle at anyone. Messi is a great leader before he was the best.

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