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In light of the many injuries that struck coach Xavi’s team in all positions and with all injuries
Xavi seeks to find solutions to this crisis by promoting some players to the first team.
Therefore, Spanish coach Xavi Hernandez, coach of the first football team in Barcelona, surprised everyone With a new player to solve the crisis that the team is suffering from in the coming period, with the number and succession of injuries.Hardly a player is injured unless another player catches him in all positions from central defense to midfield
To the attack. Xavi decided to rely on one of the young players during the next stage to fill the deficit The shortage of players that the Catalan team suffers from. Barcelona is exposed to many injuries During the recent period, this shook the stability of the team and affected the team’s results during the last matches in various tournaments and made it three points away from the lead over rival Real Madrid. Therefore, Xavi decided to promote a new super player, who is the rising star with the strength of Senegalese defender Mikel Fay, because the team lacks the services of 6 players, the most prominent of whom is The defense line, specifically after Jules Kounde’s injury, makes the coach look for a replacement as soon as possible.

Press reports confirmed that Barcelona is considering relying on the services of young player Mikel Fay during the coming period, as the Senegalese is expected to get a chance for the player who many believe is Carles Puyol’s successor in Barcelona.

The newspaper added that Xavi praised the young defender’s performance in front of his teammates and in front of the management, as Xavi believes that if this player gets an opportunity, he will be a free agent of the highest caliber, and the player gained the confidence of coach Xavi in order to step up and rely on him during the coming period.

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