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The officials in the Barcelona administration are sparing no effort to develop the team and strengthen and support the Squad Despite the severe economic crisis that the club is suffering from, no one knows when it will end.
Barcelona is keeping an eye on its precious jewel in the Premier League to sign him as soon as a super winger that any team in the world could wish for. This player has emerged as one of Barcelona’s most important goals despite the club’s other priorities at the present time.
The player is experiencing a distinguished period with his team in the Premier League, where he is considered one of the important and prominent elements in his team and is presenting levels that attracted the eyes of the leaders of Europe, most notably Barcelona.Mundo Deportivo newspaper reported that what made Barcelona most attracted to the player was the contractual situation For the player, which is the most important factor that caught the attention of Barcelona, as the player’s contract expires in June 2025. Therefore, the opportunity to include him next summer seems very attractive. She pointed out that the player and star of the English Brighton team, Japanese Mitoma, is considered one of the wingers favored by Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez, because of his ability to break down opponents’ defenses and his brilliance in the left wing position, which represents the team’s weak point in many matches.
The interest in Mitoma comes despite the presence of other priorities for Xavi, such as the defensive focal point, in addition to the outspoken striker, whose situation may improve slightly with the arrival of young star Vitor Roque.
The Barcelona administration has great faith that the opportunity to negotiate and sign a contract with Mitouma next summer seems very likely, because they in Barcelona consider him an integrated winger who combines skill, technical abilities, speed, and good finishing.
It is noteworthy that the 26-year-old succeeded in scoring 3 goals and making 4 assists on 11 occasions with Brighton during all competitions during this season, and everyone in Barcelona is fond of the Japanese player and sees him as a high-caliber signing.

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