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In the match that brought together the Argentine national team and Paraguay at dawn today, Friday, in the qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, which ended with the Argentine national team winning with a clean goal to maintain the lead in the qualifiers with a full score with 9 points after achieving victory in the first three rounds, Lionel Messi performed a legendary skill that brought down the Paraguayan player and caused an earthquake. My fans.

The Paraguayan player tried to steal the ball from Messi, but something amazing happened to him. The player exploded in anger because of the myth that Messi did. Lionel decided to insult the football player with an amazing skill that caused him to fall to the ground in a difficult way, causing an uproar from the crowd and shaking the stadium. 
The player got up and went to quarrel with Messi because of what he did to him.

من Ahmed

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