Watch the post prevent Messi from a historic goal after executing an imaginary free kick in the last second of the match

In the match between Argentina and Paraguay, which ended a short while ago with Argentina winning with a goal by Otamendi.
In the 92nd minute of the match, Argentina gets a free kick as a penalty kick for Messi.
Half of the Paraguayan national team players stood against a blocking wall in one corner, and the goalkeeper stood in the other corner, as is usual.
Naturally, Messi shoots over the human wall and the goalkeeper goes to try to save the ball
But what Messi did was amazing. He shot the ball in a magical way. Watch the legendary execution of the free kick by Leo Messi, who went to celebrate the goal before he was hit by the goalkeeper’s left post and prevented a historic goal. Fares Awad commented something fantastic on this shot and the legendary execution by the legendary Messi. Watch the goal. Below.

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