Watch the video of the moment the legend Messi descended amid unprecedented applause from the Argentine fans and a historic reception for the world champion.

In the currently held match between the Argentine and Paraguay national teams in the third round of the South American qualifiers to qualify for the 2026 World Cup, the Argentine national team is seeking to achieve the third victory in the qualifiers after defeating Ecuador with a clean goal at the feet of the Argentine legend Messi, and then Bolivia with a clean double in the second round until it is completed. Qualification was decided early. The fans present on the field provided an unprecedented epic of encouragement when the legend Messi entered the field. The Argentine fans created the event during Messi’s descent and a fantastic reaction from Fares Awad. The Argentine fans shook the stadium as usual with their applause and chants during Messi’s entry. Even Otamendi is happy because he is giving the leadership armband to Messi.

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