Watching Dembele miss an opportunity to achieve a goal that left Mbappe in a state of shock and amazement at how Dembele missed it

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Frenchman Ousmane Dembélé, in the confrontation that brought together Paris Saint-Germain and Newcastle, made Mbappé flare up with anger due to his bad behavior with the ball.
The match in which Newcastle defeated Paris Saint-Germain by a landslide at St. James’ Park. At the same time, the Parisian team suffered greatly due to the opponent’s terrible strength and momentum in the match.
Watch Dembélé shock Ashraf Hakimi and Mbappe with this strange missed opportunity against Newcastle a little while ago. It seems that Mbappe will ask for Dembélé’s departure after this match because of his great powers in Paris.
Ashraf Hakimi put Dembélé completely alone in the goal, but Dembélé missed it strangely, and a state of extreme emotion struck Mbappe because of this shot. Mbappe almost hit Dembélé.
Watch the video below

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