Watch the disastrous wonder Onana cause his teammate Casemiro to be sent off in the strangest moments of the Champions League this season

In the match between the English team, Manchester United, and the Turkish team, Galatasery, in the second round of the European Champions League, Cameroonian Onana became the talk of the world because of what he did with Casemiro in this shot.
Onana, the Manchester United goalkeeper, decided to send Casemiro off with a red card in a strange and strange way that shocked all analysts and made the famous Tunisian commentator Issam Chawali lose his mind on live television.
Manchester fans thought that the problem was in Dikhba, but Onana came to make them wish that Dikhba would return again, the Cameroonian goalkeeper, whose mistakes are countless.
Watch the strangeness that occurred from Onana, which resulted in a shocking red card for the Brazilian Casemiro.

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