Moroccan international loaned Barcelona player Abdel Samad Zalzouli scored a world-class goal against Valencia a short while ago

Moroccan Abdel Samad Zalzouli, loaned from FC Barcelona to Real Betis, has been performing at tremendous levels since the beginning of the season and recently scored a historic goal against Vancia in the La Liga competition.

The Moroccan international covered a distance of 50 meters in less than 7 seconds and scored a legendary international goal in the Spanish League.
Watch Al-Zalzouli’s first global goal with Real Betis against Valencia after a rocket launch at an insane speed from the middle of the field, and he scores a historic goal in this shot.
No Valencia player could compete with the crazy Moroccan in running at that speed. The player was as if he was a train that no one could catch, to leave his mark on a historic goal in La Liga for Real Betis.

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