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Barcelona, after the brilliance of the wonderful full-back and the most important deal for him in the summer, is seeking in various ways to settle the player’s deal once and for all, so that he can continue with the team once and for all, after his distinguished and noticeable level by everyone.
The Spanish club Barcelona agreed with the English club Manchester City to include its player Joao Cancelo in a final sale deal for a low value due to the financial situation in Barcelona.
Cancelo joined the Catalan club in the last moments of the last summer transfer period on loan, and appeared impressively with the Barcelona team under coach Xavi Hernandez.
Laporta confirms his ability to finalize the player’s deal due to a surprise triggered by the Spanish Al-Cherengito program, and according to the Al-Cherengito program, Barcelona
The Spanish program explained that Barcelona may need to raise money by selling some players to put the frills and final and official touches on the deal due to the club’s suffering with the financial fair play regulations set by the Spanish League.
This price is considered much lower than the value that Manchester City requested to sell the player in January 2023 when he went on loan to Bayern Munich, where the player’s price at that time reached 70 million euros.
It is noteworthy that Barcelona wants to buy its other loaned player, Joao Felix, but negotiations with Atletico Madrid will be more difficult due to the player’s high price.
Can Barcelona successfully settle the deals for the two Portuguese players?

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