Cristy Fermin, Hindi Naniniwala Sa Sinabi Ni Kylie Padilla Tungkol Sa Gagawin Niya Kay AJ Raval

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Nay Cristy Fermin has talked about the talk of the town KMJS interview of Kylie Padilla in her newest Cristy Ferminute episode. She remarked on the statements that were presented by Kylie at the time of the mentioned interview.

The veteran showbiz columnist and talk show host then discussed the statement of Kylie on AJ Raval and she indicated that she does not accept the statement of Kylie concerning AJ Raval. She told that she is certain that what she plans to do is not the same as what she talks out loud

Nay Cristy Fermin explained the talk of the town KMJS interview of Kylie Padilla and one of the topics that she tackled was the comment of Kylie about AJ Raval.

The veteran columnist remarked that she is certain that the account given by Kylie is not indeed the one that she plans to do.
“I’m sure, hindi yun ang nakatakda mong gawin,” said Cristy, speaking to Kylie in the episode.

“Ikaw? Sasabihan mo si AJ Raval na, ‘This is how you handle this. Kasi I’ve bene through that. Been that. Done that.’ Mga ganun, ganun,” Cristy Fermin added.
“Kasi raw hindi nag-ingat si Aljur at si AJ Raval. Sabi ng kaklase ko, ‘Ano, itago na lang, gaya ng ginagawa niya,'”” she added.

It can be remembered that Kylie, in KMJS, stated that she desired to speak to AJ Raval. After all, she desired to help her handle the situation. After all, she has also been crit1c1zed because she was courted.

What can you say about this? do you agree with the statement of nay Cristy Fermin? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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