Jake Cuenca, Nagsalita Na Kung Bakit Hindi Niya Hinintuan Ang Humahabol Sa Kanyang Mga PuIis

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For the first time, Jake Cuenca spoke at the events of the mess on Sunday, October 10, 2021. He clarified some of the news reports where he was allegedly impr1s0ned that there was not true. Jake admitted that they were confused about how it happened the alleged collision even though there was no mark on his vehicle. He also admitted that he was [email protected]@t1zed by what happened especially and that several bull3t wounds were allegedly close to the fuel tank of his vehicle.

It was found out that Jake clarified the events especially and some of the rumors were allegedly misleading. First of all, his impr1s0nment did not happen. His vehicle was searched twice but authorities were disappointed and found nothing ill3gal or proh1b1ted.

Another thing that surprised Jake was the fact that he allegedly collided with the p0l1ce car even though his car did not have any marks.
“Naguguluhan din kami saan nangyari ‘yung bangga… From my car, there’s no paints from anywhere, there’s no damage to, there’s no damage in my car aside from the damage caused by the g*nsh0ts.”

Jake was terrified and only calmed down when he saw the p0l1cemen in uniform. However, he was sh0cked that instead of catching the sh00ters, he was still the one they sh0t.

“I followed due process… ‘Di ako nanlaban, hindi ko sila pinahirapan.”

One of the things Jake clarified was the news that he was still impr1s0ned, which was allegedly false. But authorities were also able to search his vehicle twice. They only failed even though no one found anything ill3gal or proh1b1ted in the actor’s vehicle.

He also said that he will help the delivery rider who was h1t by a bull3t when he was allegedly chased by the civilian p0l1ce. Meanwhile, Jake can notice the [email protected] caused by the incident even more and a bull3t allegedly hit the fuel tank of his car.

What can you say about this? Do you believe in the details explained by the famous actor? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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