Pokwang, Pinaparinggan Ang Mga Friends At Kamag-anak Na BBM Supporters Na Magbayad Ng Utang


Pokwang took to Twitter to announce that she had finally accepted the election results; after all, things are as they are.

She wished, however, that her friends and relatives who support BBM and have borrowed money from her would repay her.

“Ok tapos na eleksyon tanggap tanggap narin ganon talaga… pero sana yung mga bmm na kamag anak at friends na nangutang sakin bayad bayad narin ha ok?”

The comedienne then claimed that the f!ght was over and that both parties had said “[email protected] things” about the other candidate.

“Tapos na mga pinaglalaban natin pare parehong nagsalita ng di maganda sa mga kandidato natin kaya wag magmalinis ha.”


Pokwang was one of those who fought bravely for VP Leni, particularly when dealing with trolls on social media.

Marietta Subong, also known as Pokwang, is a popular comedian, host, and actress in the Philippines. “Call Center,” “A Mother’s Story,” and “Edsa Woolworth” are a few of her well-known films.

Pokwang recently took to Instagram to thank Vice President Leni Robredo in her post, Pokwang thanked VP Leni for allowing her to join her journey. Then she stated that she will never regret voting for and supporting VP Leni. Aside from that, Pokwang thanked the volunteers who helped with the campaign.

Pokwang took to Twitter to admit that she had already received a lot of @bus3. The comedian, however, was unfazed and continued to campaign for Vice President Leni Robredo. She stated that despite the amount of [email protected] they have already received, including the cur$!ng, she continues to trust in God because what they are doing is even for their detractors. However, the comedian lamented that sometimes the @bus3 extends to their children.

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