10 Baba Na Dumaan Sa Buhay Ni Jake Cuenca


Jake Cuenca is one of the best-known models and actors in the Philippines who is said to be the most handsome face in the showbiz world, a strong-looking “Hunk Actor” who also can’t deny that many women are obsessed with him but jake recently admitted that he and his girlfriend Kylie Versoza had s3parat3d of being 3 years together but also ended up in the absence of everyone even though many were waiting for them to build a family.

As a result, many also say Jake’s marriage to the woman may not have been born.

Roxanne Guinoo

In 2007, had a relationship with Roxanne Guinoo and it became his first love in fact that Roxanne’s name had been tattooed in his body because they were both young, the condition of their relationship was on and off that led to a s3paration in 2008. Roxanne lives a simple, quiet life today with her husband and a daughter.

Bangs Garcia

Jake and Bangs Garcia joined the “Palos” soap opera in 2008 and there’s Bangs admitted she was dating Jake but also avoided him beacuse of the possibility of a comeback from Jake and his ex-girlfriend Roxanne. Bangs now enjoys living in England with her husband and two children.

Bea Alonzo


In 2008, also announced that the actress bea Alonzo was also getting closer. The actor also said that Bea is his “Dream Girl” often came out together for Bea because he had long been a admirer of the actress. The two decided to become friends because they were a priority in their careers.

Melissa Ricks

Jake was 21 years old and Melissa is 18 years old when they had a relationship. Jake could describe Melissa as a “Girlfriend Material” Jake admitted he and Melissa had previously s3parat3d for a reason Jake was immature back then. Melissa has her own family now and is married to her non-showbiz partner Michael Macatangay last year 2021.

Sam Pinto

In 2009 when Jake was linked to Sam Pinto. In an interview with Sam on the program “The Buzz” Sam admitted that she and Jake often had a time together on showbiz but after the actor began to accept mostly of his projects he became busy and had lost time for Sam. Right now, Sam was married and had a child.

Lovi Poe



The actor and Lovi Poe’s late publicity, the two admitted they had a relationship and it was alleged in 2013. Jake added that he and Lovi had so much in common that they fell into each other. Very spontaneous, very kind and beautiful. This is Jake’s description of Lovi Poe.

Channel Olive

In 2014 when Jake and his beauty queen girlfriend Channel Olive spl!t, Jake didn’t elaborate the reason why they brok3-up because he wanted to make it private as the actor said their s3paration was good because they remained friends and were not rivals.

Sarah Grace Kelly

Jake’s relationship took 2 years with his girlfriend. The Model Sarah Grace Kelly lived in America so the relationship between the two became a long distance and it also caused of their s3paration, according to Jake she’s special to him and if he wanted a girlfriend he would have chosen Sarah but they were both in a long distance relationship.

Kylie Versoza


A beauty queen and actress who became the actor’s last girlfriend, announced Jake on April 23, 2022 their break-up and said she had made the same decision and had no anger for each other.

We’ve got news that Kylie is the one who ask for [email protected] from the actor and their relationship lasted 3 years.

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