Gloc-9, nakita sa bagong ad ni VP Leni Robredo: “Handa na ang Pilipinas”


Gloc-9 has come out in support of Vice President Leni Robredo’s bid to become the Philippines’ next president.

The famous rapper was among the celebrities who declared their support for VP Leni in a recent political ad released by VP Leni.

“Handa na ang Pilipinas para sa kulay rosas na bukas,” Gloc-9 said in the video.

Everyone in the video, including the famous rapper, was then shown in small thumbnails declaring the battle cry of VP Leni’s governmental goal.

“Ang gobyernong tapat para sa lahat,” celebrities and ordinary folks said in unison.

Gloc-9’s appearance in the new political ad surprised some netizens.

Perhaps their surprise stemmed from the fact that the famous rapper had previously given no indication as to who he would support for president in this year’s elections. Gloc-9 is known for producing hit songs that usually deal with current social !ssu3s.

Aristotle Pollisco, better known as Gloc-9, is considered one of the “Best Filipino rappers of all-time.” His career began in 1990 but became more recognizable in 2003 when he released a solo album. Gloc-9 performed the songs “Sirena” in which he was joined by another OPM artist Ebe Dancel, “Hari ng Tondo,” and “Simpleng Tao.”

Gloc-9 shared a photo of himself from his graduation 11 years ago last year. He stated that despite having completed a nursing program, he chose to rap. Nonetheless, he admitted that he will not be rapping forever and that if given the opportunity to work in the field of nursing, he would be extremely grateful.

He also shared a photo with celebrity siblings Maxene and Elmo Magalona in March of this year.

According to the well-known rapper, he was delighted to see the children of his late friend and idol, Francis Magalona. He was also surprised to see them again on Kiko’s 13th [email protected] anniversary. Gloc also paid tribute to the Master Rapper in a separate Instagram post.

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