Ang Katotohanan Sa Hiwalayan Nila Jake Cuena at Kylie Versoza


Jake Cuenca recently revealed that he and girlfriend Kylie Versoza had been separated by Jake in the Instagram post they were happy with Kylie for their marriage for 3 years and they separated the beauty queen with no grudges with each other the actor promised he would still support the beauty queen and actress Kylie Versoza and Jake Cuenca in his Instagram post.

“I’ll hold on to all our precious memories together with so much value. This past 3 years of my life have certainly been the best. I say this with such a heavy heart but me and Kylie have decided to go our separate ways. I’m still so proud of us because we didn’t want to break up in anger we both wanted to be able to look back on our relationship with no bitterness no anger and no regrets only the good memories. certainly that’s what I will be holding on to. I will still be here to support you because In so many ways I feel part of your journey and I will always pray for your success. I’m happy we were able to finish this chapter of our lives the same way we started it. Holding hands As friends. Wherever you are or what ever your doing I will always be sending you love and positivity. know that you will always have a person in me who will always be proud of you. I’ll see you around Kylie.”

Despite their trails the never ending support and encouragement of the two by their friends is priceless.

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