Ang Napakalawak At Napakagandang Bahay Ni John Estrada Na May Golf Course View At Swimming Pool


Actor John Estrada has become well-known as a result of his comedic roles, and the actors in the films have also received criticism. In the previous episode, John was joined by hosts Randy Santiago and Willie Revillame, who made him look even more glamorous.

John eventually settled down and married Priscilla Meirelles, with whom he had daughter Anechka

John has shown us his enormous real estate property, which is absolutely stunning. Dasmarinas is a paradise the location and landscape will astound you.

Its modernity and minimalistic design dominate the house, so it’s full of open spaces, so the view is glamorous, and the vibe it brings is so light.

You’ll notice the large glass windows, and from here you’ll be able to enjoy the expansive scenic views of the golf course and the entire canyon property.

The pool at their hotel was also fantastic. The relaxed views of their golf course and swimming pool always bond the family, especially Anechka and John, because they’ve been past time and bonding for swimming.

Meanwhile, it has its living room above the second floor; it is their personal space because it is where they always bond as a family when no visitors are present.

Of course, you can’t take the golf course out of it, but you can say that John Estrada and his friends are also present.

It’s also one of John’s hobbies. It was a wonderful property for John, and it was also the result of hard work and patience.

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