Heart Evangelista, Todo Ang Paliwanag Kay Chiz Escudero Tungkol Sa Kanyang Bag

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In an Instagram post by Heart Evangelista, she showed off her fabulous OOTD. A part of the video shows her husband Sorsogon Governor Chiz Escudero passing by while questioning her.

She noticed that Heart still seemed to have a lot of bags and was reminded her wife told him that she could only buy a new bag when she sold it. Heart Evangelista have to explain well to her husband and said, that she only arranged the bags so that she could sell them.

Many were entertained by Heart Evangelista’s Instagram post where she can be seen wearing her fabulous OOTD. In the video, it can be seen her husband, Sorsogon Governor Chiz Escudero passes by.

He asked if the light had been fixed and Heart answered. Following this Chiz criticized Heart’s bags. He noticed that his wife’s bags seemed to increase.

He reminded her that she could only buy a new bag when she sold some of her bags. Heart explained that she just arranged her bags and said she would actually sell them.

Heart’s face shows that she seems to be exerting an effort to explain. Based on Heart’s explanation, she can only buy a new bag when she upgrades.

She said she first had to sell the bags that she didn’t really like anymore. Heart jokingly said that she will lock the door next time.

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