Buboy Villar, Naging Emosyonal Matapos Iwanan Siya Ng Kanyang Anak Para Pumunta Ng Amerika

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Kapuso actor Buboy Villar is very saddened by the departure of his eldest child to America.

As a father, it is not easy for Buboy to be separated from his children. That’s why he couldn’t help but be emotional because his eldest daughter would be away.

In his latest vlog, Buboy shared that his content is not ordinary. Nor it is a normal day for him.


At the beginning of his video, Buboy thanked him for the opportunities that come his way. He is happy that he has a lot of work and that he is able to provide for his family’s needs.

According to Buboy, that vlog was special and that day was special for him. While he and his father were bonding, Buboy’s tears suddenly dripped. When he told his son that he was going to America.

Buboy said that he did not want to show his beautiful daughter that he was crying. It is said that it is very difficult for a father to keep the children away from him.

But he said he understood that because it was for the future of his children to go abroad. And to be with their mother Angielyn Gorens as well.

Buboy thanked Angielyn’s parents and siblings for taking care of her children.

Many netizens also shed tears over this video by Buboy. They said they feel the sadness of the actor because his son will be separated for a long time.

What can you say about this? are you touched by the emotions shown by Buboy Villar? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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