Derek Ramsay, Hinamon Ng Hiwalayan Si Ellen Adarna

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The newlywed couple Derek Ramsey and Ellen Adarna-Ramsey are currently in Escala, Tagaytay often shows off the beautiful view of their room while having their breakfast on Social Media. Even before, Derek and Ellen were married, they loved to prank each other so even on their vacation in Escala, Tagaytay they would not l0se their prank on their marriage.

Derek first posted the video of Ellen while she was sound asleep with a piece of background music “It’s My Life” and with the caption “Don’t K1ll me” because Derek knew that Ellen would be angry with him for doing this and knowing his wife that it won’t stop until it gets revenge on him and it appears that today Ellen has also found an opportunity to get revenge.

Ellen also released a video on how she retaliated and how she reacted to it, Ellen can be also heard saying she wants an annulment after seeing her pores, and Derek jokingly responded yes. Meanwhile, Derek explained why he posted Ellen on his Instagram account.

Ellen can be heard saying, “I told you that was just the beginning hahaha”
“Actually when I posted that video I was admiring your beauty ” Derek Explained.

Also, Ellen Adarna got her revenge on Derek Ramsay after he posted a photo of her sleeping with her mouth open. This time, Ellen posted a video of Derek sleeping soundly with his mouth open and snoring.

“My Cow is extra tired today,” Ellen wrote on Instagram, tagging her fiancé. She also used hilarious hashtags including #mondaymood, #TheComeBackisAlwaysBetterThanTheSetBack, and #ReturnOftheComeback. “Mine was a photo! Unfair! I deserve this but you just wait!” Derek replied in the comments section.

Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna could not help but continuously tease each other evident in their social media posts.

What can you say about this? Are you entertained by their prank videos? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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