Anak Ng Action Star Na Si Jeric Raval, Pinagkakaguluhan Ngayon Sa SOCMED

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Jeric Raval is one of the known and admired action stars in the showbiz industry. His career as a great action star dates back to the 90s to the present. He has starred in so many movies, where he showed off his talent as an action star.

Jeric Raval is not only admired by many for being a good actor because it can also be said that he is one of the actors with elegance which is why many actresses or women are indeed obse55ed with him.

Having Jeric Raval’s handsome looks and charm, it is no wonder that he fell in love with many women, so that he also had eighteen children from different mothers.

One of the women Jeric Raval related to whom he had a child was Alyssa Alvarez, the mother of AJ Raval who is now one of Jeric’s children who was nicknamed ‘Pantasya ng Bayan’ because of her s3x1ness and beauty. Aj Raval is also the daughter of Jeric who followed in his footsteps and also entered acting.

Meanwhile, as we all know, AJ Raval has a brother who is also very handsome like their father Jeric Raval, this is Ace Raval.

If you visit Ace Raval’s social media account, you will see pictures of him that show the good looks that he indeed inherited from his father. Ace gets the elegance of his father Jeric, and even the Chinito of his eyes.

According to some reports, Ace has a child, and even though he did not enter the world of showbiz like his father and sister AJ Raval, Jeric Raval’s handsome son is said to be a Rapper.

Ace Raval, composed the song “Madaling Araw” where he was with his sister Aj Raval. He is also under the management of Viva Records.

Even though the parents did not get along, the only important thing was that they got along well with each other and remained friends. Earlier, AJ and Ace Raval’s mother, Allysa Alvarez, shared about their father Jeric’s visit to their home, which can be seen in the photo with their other siblings, and it was really good. the relationship of their parents.

What can you say about this? Do you admire his talent as a rapper? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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