Cristy Fermin, Umalma Sa Paghahagis Ng Pera Ng Kampo Ni Manny Pacquiao

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The tough-talking columnist Cristy Fermin, at the time of the latest episode of her talk show program ‘Cristy Ferminute’, commented on the action of Sen. Manny Pacquiao traveling to various parts of the country. She told that Manny Pacquiao’s behavior cannot be counted as a campaign though because it is not yet campaign season.

The tough-talking columnist then said that for her as an individual, she does not admire it when money is thrown at the individuals. She stated that money is not thrown but is given over or presented to a receiver.

Cristy Fermin, at the time of the latest episode of “Cristy Ferminute”, talks about the Pacquiao. She saw how Pacquiao has been very busy engaging people but his actions could not yet be halted since it is not yet a campaign season.

What the tough-talking columnist commented for all is that she does not want how Manny’s group supposedly throws money rather than giving it over to individuals.

“Hindi ko gusto yung naghahagis ng pera… Irespeto natin ang perang Pilipino. Una social distancing. Hindi po pupuwedeng inihahagis ang pera, iniaabot po ang pera,” Cristy commented.

Nay Cristy was stressing giving importance and respect to money, which is why it is not an object that is just thrown. Cristy Fermin is a Filipino showbiz and entertainment columnist as well as talk show host. She is recognized to talk about the stories of celebrities and personalities in the showbiz industry in the country.

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