Dating Sikat Na Starlet, Ganito Na Ang Tunay Niyang Kalagayan Ngayon


The alleged departure of former s3xy starlet Brandy Ayala from their home during the height of the start of the pandemic into the country is trending on social media. Even though Enhanced C0mmunity Quar*ntine (ECQ) was implemented then, the said former actress still disappeared or fled.

It was first reported that she had a mental dis0rder due to the excessive use of forbidden substances during her popularity and young age.

According to Brandy’s nephew Ralph Estrada, even though his auntie was wandering the streets asking for food and money from people, she still went home to their house in Tondo, Manila.

But on March 15, 2020, it never came home and they had no idea where it had gone and what had already happened to her aunt.

Ralph sought help from the Philippine Entertainment Portal or PEP to open the issue regarding Brandy’s disappearance.

On August 21, 2020, someone allegedly told Ralph that Brandy was spotted in Mandaluyong City. They ventured to find it so they went round and round and explored the place where it was found but they failed.

Meanwhile, on September 21, 2020, Ralph himself said that Brandy was gone. It is said to be based on information told to him by the employees of the Mental H0spital.

When PEP asked what was the name of the fun3ral parlor where the aunt’s body was brought, Ralph’s name was said to be different. They only asked for a photograph of its body as evidence, but Ralph did not answer.

After almost a year, just last March 31, 2021, Ralph said that his aunt had returned to them with the help of the Department of Social Welfare and Development or DSWD.

He also apologized to PEP for ly1ng about it. He said that his aunt actually stayed in a Mental Hospital in Mandaluyong and was later taken by the DSWD and returned to their care.

According to PEP, Ralph is currently unemployed and the [email protected] has had a big impact on them so he is calling for financial help for his aunt. He was worried that Brandy might leave the house again and disappear again.

Brandy became famous in the ’80s. It is part of the ‘Street Beauties’ group with Aurora Boulevard and Epifania Delos Santos. Their screen names are derived from famous streets in Metro Manila.

She was also called ‘Alcohol Beauty’. Along with ‘Softdrinks Beauties’ Coca Nicolas, Pepsi Paloma, and Sarsi Emmanuelle.

She suddenly disappeared from the showbiz limelight due to the d3pr*sion she went through, which eventually became w0rse. It began to l0se itself and roam the streets. In 1997, Brandy’s condition w0rsened due to ‘schiz0phrenia’ which caused her to continue roaming the streets.

What can you say about this? Is your pity on her because of her situation today? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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