Silipin Ang Mga Mamahaling Sasakyan Ni Ion Perez Na Pinag-uusapan Ngayon Ng Netizens Sa Social Media


Aside from his expensive motorcycle worth three million, Ion Perez’s brand new and expensive car has recently been trending. It will be remembered that hunk celebrity Benigno Dungo Perez or better known as Ion on Its Showtime comes from a less wealthy family. She was met by being an escort in a popular segment of Its Showtime Ms. Q.A.

In the said segment, he met Ate Girl Jackie Gonzaga who later became his love triangle with Vice Ganda. At first, it seemed like a joke and a temptation for Ion and Vice to be sweet to each other. Many thought the two were just doing it for the viewers.

Many admire the combination of the three of them, Jackie and Vice. Along with Jackie, this is also where Ion’s rise to prominence began. Many followed them and Vice because they give fun and excitement to the people.

Simultaneously with the rise of Ion, their relationship with Unkabogable Star Vice Ganda blossomed. It was here that Ion’s popularity could not be stopped and his projects such as films and endorsements also became different.

His first film to accompany was the Mang Kepweng film by Vice’s close friend Vhong Navarro. Vice Ganda is very supportive of his boyfriend in his new project. He said he was happy for the boyfriend because it already had a movie.

The latest project is that Ion will star in a s3xy film that they are making with s3xy vlogger-actress Sunshine Guimary. It was rumored then that they will have a dáring scene so many are worried about their relationship with the showtime host.

But Ion made sure that he would only love Vice. Meanwhile, Vice said that he is very proud of Ion for his new project and he said that Ion got the project without using his help.

Given the amount of work the hunk celebrity receives it is not surprising that he can afford to buy expensive equipment. Ion recently posted a photo of himself on Instagram with his new expensive car. Before this, he posted a picture of his expensive motorbike. Many were surprised and amazed by the amount of equipment Ion had built.

Many speculated that it was a gift from his fiancée Vice, but others said it may have been stored for a long time. Ion is said to have his income so he can buy his things. It garnered mixed reactions from netizens.

Here are some of the reactions of netizens.
“ang [email protected] ng [email protected] ni Ion, malayo talaga mararating mo pag may kabayo ka”
“wow that motorbike so expensive almost a million the best”
“eto ang sinasabi nyang matagal nyang pinag ipunan na laruan at ang talent fee sa movie nya na KAKA”

What can you say about this? Do you think that it is the fruit of his hard works in showbiz? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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